The World

The Northern Continent

The Northern Continent is harsh and inhospitable, and the last resting place of the primordals. After the war with the gods, the bodies of the primordals were gathered together and sealed away in the north, lest they someday try to rise again to take their vengence. Over time their blood seeped into the earth, flowing into the very roots of the Northern Continent, warping it into a swirling tempest of clashing elements. Nowdays the everchanging landscape is broken rivers of lightning, seas of fire, floating earthbergs, ice mountains, and other displays of raw elemental powers.

The Abyssal Sea

The only permanent feature of the Northern Continent is a vast inland sea, The Abyss, birthplace of demons. The abominations spawned here swim forth, passing through the Pillars of the North and into the Open Ocean.

The Open Ocean

A vast stretch of ocean seperates the Northern Continent from anyother land. A voyage to make the crossing is traditionally thought to be impossible.

*The Farthest Isle, realm of the God King *

The God King’s corpse sits unmoving on his throne. Although his body died long ago, however spirit remains. It is the constant vigil of the God King that holds the demons at bay, his spirit guards the border between the Abyss and the Open Ocean. Although he can’t stop every demon from making the crossing, his powerful warding holds back the Demon Princes. Pilgrims journey from as far as the Southern Continent to pay their respects to their immortal guardian.

The World

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